training and formation

relief, rescue, security, risk management: trained to respond, wherever, whenever.

The National Guard is a specialized provider of comprehensive, certified training and formation: rescue and disaster relief organizations, NGOs, government assets, authorities, corporations who need to update and/or booster their intervention skills and capabilities. With an extensive experience of overseas training programs and with his high-profile instructors and subject-matter experts, the National Guard can actively support and provide certified formation to personnel, teams, corporate structures involved in managing emergencies, intervention, response, humanitarian relief, etc; and provides technical support and advisory for hardware, equipment, intervention tactics and operational procedures, in compliance with the most demanding standards. 

Training and advisory comply with current StanAg operational requirements in (including but non limited to) search and rescue, emergency response and relief, reconstruction, emergency prevention and assessment, security and risk mitigation to personnel and assets, in rough, difficult, hazardous or hostile environments and on every terrain.

If you like to know more about our training, formation and advisory programs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help.

04/04/2017 12:56

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