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Volunteers who defend

Welcome to the website of the National Guard, a public organization providing internal security, disaster relief, environmental surveillance and emergency response to local Authorities and Administrations, as well as to Non-Governmental Organizations in homeland and foreign missions. National Guard personnel is on a volunteer basis: most of the Guardsmen are retired servicemen from Army, Law Enforcement and Rescue authorities who decide to put their expertise and professionalism at the service of the community. Everyone is welcome to join the National Guard: we have the right task for everyone. Our Volunteers are specifically prepared for cooperation with rescue and security Authorities, all are extensively trained and many are highly experienced professionals.

In this page you will learn who we are, what we do and, above all, what we can do for you. 

internal security support

The National Guard regularly cooperates with local Authorities in enforcement of legal prescriptions and urban security. Local police forces are supported by Guardsmen in everyday duties as well as in more demanding tasks, such as great events and disaster management, when the National Guard, besides its rescue and relief operations, actively cooperates as an auxiliary patrol force, implementing traffic control, homeland security, and crime prevention.


civil defense and disaster relief

The National Guard is ever on the first line in civil defense. Both emergency prevention  and intervention are regular tasks for the Guardsmen, and they are specifically trained for it. Civil Protection Teams, with their specialist units (scuba teams, K-9 units, logistics and support, radio trasmissions, Emergency Response Teams) are ready to deploy for any emergency or critical situation and to assess all relief support and rescue operations to civilians struck by disaster. High-profile units such as STARS (technical support, search and rescue teams) and UCBS (Chemical and Biohazard Countermeasures) are composed by specially trained volunteers prepared to operate on rough terrain and in hazardous contexts. SAR (Search-And-Rescue), emergency response, training projects and security operations are frequently accomplished by Guardsmen, and the National Guard has an extensive experience in humanitarian operations in foreign countries and in crisis/conflict areas:    

- Lybia 2011             - Syria 2012               - Donbas 2015

protecting wildlife and environment

Strongly committed in protecting wildlife and preserving nature, the National Guard works in close cooperation with national and local Authorities, and is active everyday in prevention and enforcement of all regulations concerning the environment. Rivers, parks, forests, mountains, urban areas, are constantly monitored by the Guardsmen in cooperation with police and government officials, to ensure that all human activities comply with legal prescriptions, and to quickly respond to any possible threat to environment preservation.

training and formation

relief, rescue, security, risk management: trained to respond, wherever, whenever.

The National Guard is a specialized provider of comprehensive, certified training and formation: rescue and disaster relief organizations, NGOs, government assets, authorities, corporations who need to update and/or booster their intervention skills and capabilities. With an extensive experience of overseas training programs and with his high-profile instructors and subject-matter experts, the National Guard can actively support and provide certified formation to personnel, teams, corporate structures involved in managing emergencies, intervention, response, humanitarian relief, etc; and provides technical support and advisory for hardware, equipment, intervention tactics and operational procedures, in compliance with the most demanding standards. 

Training and advisory comply with current StanAg operational requirements in (including but non limited to) search and rescue, emergency response and relief, reconstruction, emergency prevention and assessment, security and risk mitigation to personnel and assets, in rough, difficult, hazardous or hostile environments and on every terrain.

If you like to know more about our training, formation and advisory programs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to help.